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16th Aug 2018

This is one gift that any Harry Potter fan will be Egg-Static about

Melissa Carton

Accio toast!

If you’ve got a child in your house who is a huge Harry Potter fan then you’ve got to check out this breakfast set from Retro Nation.

It comes complete with an egg cup, spoon and soldier shapers and will almost make you feel like your in The Great Hall.

After all, you are having breakfast with Harry Potter.

How cute is this?

I know my kid is a fan of the Harry Potter series but I would honestly buy this for myself and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a Luna Lovegood version.

I don’t even like boiled eggs but I’d eat them if I got to have lightening shaped toast.

Available to buy from Retro Nation, it will only set you back 10 of your muggle euros.

In my opinion, it definitely trumps the Tri-Wizard cup. The only problem I foresee is that once your egg is dressed up in it’s Gryffindor garb it may be too adorable to eat.

Harry Potter isn’t the only egg costume available as they also stock a Buzz Lightyear set!

If you’re one of the super organised parents (that I am not) and already stocking up on Christmas supplies, you can also pick up a Hogwarts scarf and backpack to give your child the full Harry Potter festive package!

Be right back…googling Luna Lovegood eggcup.