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03rd Oct 2019

5 delicious one-pot dinners that’ll cut down on the washing up

Because we've all had enough washing up.

Orlaith Condon

Cooking for a whole family can not only be time-consuming, it can also be very messy.

With multiple pots and pans on the go, you finish your dinner to start a whole new job – the wash-up.

Yes, there is nothing worse than getting back up from your dinner in the hopes of grabbing a few minutes of peace and seeing the mountain of dishes that you left as a result of your time in the kitchen.

That’s why we’re big fans of keeping things simple with one pot. Yes, one pot is all you need to create a truly delicious dinner.

Don’t believe us?

These five recipes should convince you.

1. Chicken teriyaki rice bowl

2. Burrito bowl

3. Ham and cheese tortellini

4. Paprika chicken thighs

5. Jambalaya