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18th May 2018

You Need This Seriously Decadent Breakfast in Your Life

Sharyn Hayden

My partner and I have been trying to get more protein into our diet in an attempt to give ourselves a bit more energy.

We were doing ok in terms of lunches and dinners but when it came to breakfast, we were either grabbing a coffee and pastry on the go, or doing that Irish thing of horsing into cereal and a cuppa and thinking it was healthy.

So we have made big changes in the brekkie department, some days having a protein shake to keep us going until snack time at eleven but mostly.. we’ve been cooking up some yummy eggs.

A local woman calls to our house every week with the freshest, most delicious eggs you have ever tasted, straight from her own henhouse (himself is only moments away from buying a few of his own for our back garden – gulp!).

So we are on the hunt for new recipes every week. This one from food blog Married With Cauldron looks so delicious that it is definitely on the list for weekend brunch.

Smoked Salmon With Poached Eggs And Hollandaise Sauce



125g butter
2 organic egg yolks
Half tsp of white wine vinegar
Splash of ice cold water
3 tsp of lemon juice
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of Nutmeg
Smoked salmon
Organic eggs
Melba toast or pancakes

Method For The Hollandaise Sauce:

1. Gently melt 125g of butter in a saucepan. Once melted, use a spoon to skim off the white layer from the surface. Set the warm butter aside and keep warm.
2. Put 2 egg yolks into a metal bowl. Add 1/2 tsp of white wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and a splash of ice-cold water.

3. Whisk egg yolk mixture for a few minutes then put the bowl over a saucepan of lightly simmering water and whisk continuously. Make sure saucepan is at a very low heat. This could take up to 5 mins to reach a pale and thick yellow consistency.
4. Remove from the heat immediately and very slowly pour in the melted butter and whisk to a rich creamy sauce.

5. Stir in the lemon juice. Season well with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

For Eggs And Presentation:

1. Poach eggs in large frying pan of boiling water.

2. Prepare Melba toast or pancakes.

3. Place smoked salmon on toast and top with poached eggs.

4. Pour warm Hollandaise sauce over the top.

Serve with juice, coffee, home fries, whatever makes you happy. It’s the weekend!

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