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03rd Apr 2015

Saucepan Kids: Chocolate Easter Nests

This is the perfect Easter treat to make with the little ones in your house. Be warned, your kids may get messy but it’s guaranteed to be lots of fun.

This week’s guest blogger, Debbie Woodward, is the founder and driving force behind the award-winning blog Saucepan Kids. Debbie is mum to three adventurous eaters and through her own experiences with her kids in the kitchen she decided to set up the site in 2012 to encourage more families to get cooking together. With the week that’s in it, we will be featuring some of Saucepan Kids’ favourite Easter treats; first up these adorable mini chocolate nests.

Kids aged 2 and up will love to help out with this one. Little hands can help with mashing the cereal up in the bowl, stirring in the chocolate and, of course, licking the spoon!

Chocolate Easter Nests

Makes 8-10 nests.


90g Shredded Wheat (2 sleeves of 2 wheat biscuits)

100g milk or dark chocolate

1 tsp of Golden Syrup

Mini Eggs


1 Break up the Shredded Wheat into a bowl

2 Break up the chocolate into pieces and place into a smaller glass bowl (we get the kids to whistle while they do this, so we know they’re not scoffing all the chocolate!)

3 Melt the chocolate slowly over a saucepan of hot water or use microwave on low heat

4 Mix the melted chocolate and the golden syrup into the Shredded Wheat mixture making sure all the cereal becomes covered in chocolate

5 Place bun cases into baking tray and spoon the mixture into the cases

6 Using a bottle top (or thumb), press into the mixture in the middle (where the eggs will sit)

7 Drop a couple of Mini Eggs into each nest

8 Refrigerate to set


Feel free to substitute Shredded Wheat for All-Bran or Cornflakes.

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