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08th Apr 2020

There’s a virtual white wine tasting happening on Instagram tonight

Jade Hayden

As if you needed an excuse…

Lockdown has stripped us of some of our most basic rights: the right to go outside for extended periods of time, the right to hug our families, and the right to enjoy wine with our mates.

Unless you’re from the same home, obviously. If that’s the case, then go nuts.

But if not, chances are you’ve been sitting at home enjoying your Pinot Grigio all on your lonesome. And that’s OK – we all need a little time to unwind these days. And if that time happens to include a glass of white in our hand, then so be it.

However, it would be infinitely better if we could virtually enjoy our wines with some other people who are also enjoying their wines.

It’d be even better if we could learn a little bit about those wines too. You know, to justify cracking a bottle open midweek. Education is key.

Lucky for us then that Lidl Ireland have decided to do a series of wine tastings via Instagram Live this week.

Aoife Carrigy will be joined by The Daly Dish’s Gina Daly to chat about six wines that have been selected by Lidl.

The wine tasting will give audiences a little insight into what food goes best with each wine, as well as some detail on the various notes and flavours that should be instantly recognisable in each of the drinks.

Last night’s tasting featured red wines while tonight’s features white wine – the superior beverage, you will surely agree.

But if neither of those tickle your fancy, there will be another Prosecco tasting on Thursday evening too.

Spoiled for choice, tbh.

The wines featuring in each of this week’s tastings (all available from Lidl) are:

  • Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra 2018
  • Spanish Rioja Reserva, Cepa Lebrel 2014
  • New Zealand Pinot Gris, Gisborne 2019
  • Chilean Chardonnay, Valle Central 2018
  • Prosecco Treviso
  • Conegliano Prosecco

The wine tasting event takes place on Lidl’s Instagram Live tonight (Wednesday, April 8) and tomorrow (Thursday, April 9) at 7.30pm.