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23rd Apr 2015

This new Cadbury’s chocolate bar is SEVEN bars in one

Be still my beating heart

Katie Mythen-Lynch

They obviously got my letters.

Cadbury has launched a special edition chocolate bar featuring seven of their most popular flavours, each one in a square of its very own!

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The Dairy Milk Spectacular 7, combines Whole Nut, Caramel, Fruit & Nut, Oreo, Turkish Delight, Daim Bar and original Dairy Milk.

While this looks like the perfect companion to a Friday night in, the chocolate makers advise that the bar is designed to be shared. In any case, only 50 Dairy Milk Spectaculars are being produced so unless you manage to wangle one for yourself, you’ll just have to be content with seven individual bars. Or one, if you have that kind of self control.

For your chance to scoop a limited edition bar, follow @CadburyUK.