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01st Mar 2018

The top 5 products that people bought in the lead up to Storm Emma

It's not ALL about the bread

Olivia Hayes

We all went a bit mad.

It’s safe to say that the weather sent us into a shopping frenzy this week when it was announced that Storm Emma was on the way.

It seemed like every single shop in Ireland sold out of bread… which has (of course) become one of the greatest memes the country has ever seen.

But it’s not ALL about the bread, as BWG Foods found out.

They did a survey of 1,000 people to find out what they bought in the lead up to the Beast from the East.

We’re not really surprised by the outcome to be honest, because… well, we’re a nation of habit, aren’t we?

And so, the top 5 items people bought in shops are *drumroll please*:

  • Brennan’s bread slice pan (no surprise there)
  • 2 litre carton of milk
  • 6 pack of eggs
  • firelighters (we have to keep warm)
  • wine (ALL the wine)

We suppose you can’t beat a cuppa tea with eggs and toast while sitting by the fire… followed by a glass of vino, of course.

Have you bought similar?