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17th Jun 2019

Viral post demonstrates the way that grapes should be cut to avoid choking

Melissa Carton

X-ray of grape lodged in child's throat shows how dangerous they can be

It was something I never really thought of until a few years ago.

I was at a playgroup with my son who was around two at the time and I saw another mother feeding her child cut grapes.

I thought she had just cut them up to make them easier to chew but later I came across an article that explained the real reason behind it.

As it turned out cutting grapes reduces the risk of choking but they must be cut a certain way to be effective.

I recently came across this viral post that helps to demonstrate the correct way to cut grapes to avoid choking.

The grapes should be cut vertically rather than horizontally and the thinner the better.

Grapes cut in half horizontally can still block your child’s airways if they swallow them too quickly so it’s important that they are cut correctly.

Toddlers and infants will often put choking hazards in their mouth so it’s also good to know how to perform first aid should that occur. You can read some tips here on how to help assist a young child if they appear to be choking but if you feel your child is having real difficulty breathing call 999 or 112 immediately.