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24th Sep 2018

So Weight Watchers is changing its name, and we’re not loving it tbh

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Okay so last week, Slimming World threw all of its members into a tizzy when it decided to change syn values.

People lost it over the fact that a Muller Light yogurt is no longer considered syn-free.

And now, the world of organised diets is once again in turmoil, as Weight Watchers has changed its name.

From now on, Weight Watchers will simply be known as ‘WW’.

Yep, really.


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Weight Watchers is now WW! Head over to @WW to follow us! #WW

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According to Mindy Grossman, the CEO of WW, it’s a necessary move to continue the brand’s success.

“We will never abdicate our authority and our position as the best healthy, sustainable weight loss program on the planet,” she told Fortune.

“But we can be so much more to people.”

The move is strategic, as WW wants to move away from being just a diet programme.


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WW has also announced their aim to remove all artificial sweeteners and flavours from their food by early next year.

The company has also launched a new app, which monitors food intake and exercise (similar to Myfitnesspal).

A whole new world for those of you who swear by Weight Watchers.