The handiest apps to download when you've just brought home your newborn 1 month ago

The handiest apps to download when you've just brought home your newborn

Welcoming a newborn into your home is a whirlwind of emotions and responsibilities.

Thankfully, in this mad digital world we live in, there are apps. For. Everything.

You never think you’ll need them, pre-parenthood: How hard could it be to remember when the last poonami was? Or how many ounces of milk baby took, and when? It’s only one tiny human, right?

WRONG. Well, at least for me. In the early, sleep deprived days of parenthood, I could barely remember my own name never mind nap schedules and formula amounts and nappy changes.

So, I turned to tech. From sleep schedules to developmental milestones, these apps can keep you informed and organised while embracing parenthood. Here are five must-haves:

  1. Baby Tracker

Consider this app your personal assistant for newborn care. Track feeding times, nappy changes, sleep patterns, and growth milestones with ease. It features: breastfeeding and bottle-feeding timers, a nappy change log, a sleep schedule tracker and growth and milestone records 

  1. Sound Sleeper


Lulling your baby to sleep can be a challenge, and that's where Sound Sleeper shines. It offers an array of soothing white noise options such as womb sounds, ocean waves, and gentle lullabies to help your baby settle into slumber. It has a timer and continuous play option, and does some sleep tracking and analysis too.

  1. WebMD Baby

When it comes to baby health and development, questions are bound to arise. WebMD Baby is your reliable source for expert information, complete with a symptom checker to alleviate your concerns. Articles and videos are made by paediatric experts, there’s a built-in vaccination schedule and reminder feature, and a changing bag health checklist.

  1. Baby Sparks

I found this one amazing for age-appropriate things to do with your baby. To be honest, I hadn’t a bogs what to be at with my little girl when she was only a few months old. This app gives you a wide range of ideas to help develop their motor skills, cognitive abilities, and sensory exploration via age-specific developmental activities. It has video tutorials for parents, progress tracking and tips for fostering parent-child interaction too.