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Early years

24th Jun 2023

This common nappy mistake could actually end up costing you a fortune

Am I the only one who wasn’t aware of this?

You will never in your life face a learning curve quite as steep as when you become a parent for the first time.

I mean; there is just so much to learn, from how to assemble Ikea cots and soothe sore nipples, to how to get a poop-covered babygro over the baby’s head without smearing it everywhere.

The list is pretty much endless.

And with so many important new skills to master, it is no wonder it is easy to forget to read the small writing sometimes.

This was the case for a young mum from the UK, who recently admitted to Manchester Evening News that she and her partner have been getting this one particular thing wrong about nappies since they first had a baby.

And judging from the reactions, they are not alone.

Nicci Pearce had been completely oblivious to the nappy size rule that could have stopped their babies’ nappies from leaking – meaning they have been changing their little ones far more than they needed to.

Like most parents, Pearce thought the plus symbol on packs of nappies meant it was a ‘half size’ – with 4+, for example, being a step up between four and five. (I know that’s what I thought it means, anyway!)

But get this: The + sign is actually an indicator of added absorbency and is nothing to do with size.

Meaning that the nappies marked with a + sign are simply just more absorbent and that a nappy size 5 and one size 5 + are actually the exact same size.

The more you know!