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Early years

07th Feb 2024

The genius car seat feature many parents don’t know about


This is genius!

If you have ever put your baby in their infant car seat, struggled to pull the straps from under their body to fasten them, or tried to transfer your sleeping baby from buggy to car seat, and then found all the fumbling to get the straps pulled up and fastened woke him, prepare to have your mind blown.

An Australian mum recently revealed to Kidspot how she had recently put her five-week-old son in his car seat, fumbling as she often does, trying to pull the seat belt straps from under his body to thread his arms through – when she thought to herself, ‘I wish there was something there that would hold the seat belt’.

“That’s when I saw it,” Dee Wilson explained to the Aussie parenting site.

“I said to myself: ‘Hang on… NO! That mustn’t be it,’ But then I saw the same thing on the other side, I knew it had to be what I thought it was. My mind was blown!”

What she found were two plastic fasteners, one on each side of the car seat. The metal part of the seat belt clasp can be slipped in and out but stays firmly in place until you need it.

“I clicked in each seat belt to test it out and it worked perfectly,” she said, still in disbelief about not realising this handy accessory existed with her first two children – and five weeks of using the car seat with her baby every day.

“I read all two pages of the instruction manual on how to install it and didn’t see it on there, so was really surprised to find something that’s now so obvious.”

I think we can all agree this is a bit of a game-changer.

“It takes one second to clip them in as I’m pulling him out and it’s done,” Wilson explains. “Then I don’t have to pull the straps out from under him when getting into the car asleep too. It’s even easy to do it one-handed.”