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22nd Nov 2021

Woman reveals clever hack for taking Christmas decorations out of the attic

People said this decorating hack is a game-changer.

Christmas will be here before we know it and we’re eager to get the decorations up before the Toy Show.

The thought of having to climb into the attic is not pleasant, but it will be worth it, right?

Not only are we terrified of the spiders living up there, but we’re also worried about damaging the decorations.

They may be stored carefully in the attic but trying to lift them out of the attic is another story.

We never fail to drop at least one decoration and it is usually one of the more expensive ones.

Luckily, one woman has shared her genius hack for removing decorations from the attic.

And we’ll forever be grateful.

Forget about your fancy Newbridge baubles smashing because this is a fool-proof hack.

If only we realised it sooner.

She shared on Twitter:  “My timely reminder for those living alone and trying to get their Christmas decorations down from the loft….bring up an old duvet cover with you.”

“Load baubles etc carefully inside the duvet, lower slowly to the floor. Stay alive!” she explained.

People have been praising the hack and said it is a total game-changer when decorating for Christmas.

Some people may think it’s too early for the decorations to go up but we’re embracing the festive joy.

With looming Covid restrictions and talk of future lockdowns, we see no harm in reveling in the merriment.

Bring on the twinkly lights, the tinsel, and the Christmas trees. We cannot wait to start decorating, even if the grinches think it is too soon!