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26th Apr 2021

This plant-based cleaning range will make a huge difference to your home hygiene

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Milton

Thanks to Covid-19, we’re all more aware of the hidden germs that can make their way into our homes.

It can be unsettling to think about all the built up bacteria lurking around your household but keeping on top of your household hygiene has never been as important as it is now.

And when it comes to tackling these unwanted germs, it’s only natural to want cleaning products that are effective in fighting bacteria, but gentle on your child’s sensitive skin too.

If you’re in the market for some new household cleaning products, the Milton antibacterial cleaning range provides the ultimate protection from common household germs, including the Covid-19 virus.

And with Milton, you don’t need to sacrifice safety for efficiency! All of their products have been made with babies’ health in mind, making them a trusted supplier of cleaning products for hospitals and for families.


From keeping the surfaces in your home germ-free, to antibacterial protection on the go, the Milton range covers it all, offering plant based products that will make a big difference to your household cleaning regime.

The range includes the Sterilising Tablets, which can be used weekly in your toilet to kill any nasty bacteria and keep the bowl looking bright and white! They can also be used in an empty washing machine or dishwasher cycle to give these machines an anti-bacterial boost and keep them performing at their best for longer.

The Antibacterial Surface Spray is a dream for those surfaces that require frequent cleaning such as kitchen counters, fridges, high chairs and bathrooms. Unlike other cleaning sprays, it’s completely plant-based, making it a natural, eco-friendly cleaning solution suitable for the whole family.


Everyday items like car keys, mobile phones and door handles are some of the most common carriers of household germs, but frequent, effective cleaning can make a big difference here too. The Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes are made of water and 100% plant-based alcohol, derived from beetroot. The formula is totally safe for use around children, meaning the wipes can even be used on your baby’s soother, teats or toys as well.

When it comes to protection on-the-go, the Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel is alcohol based and kills bacteria and viruses in a rapid 30 seconds.

And if you’re looking for something less harsh for children’s skin, Milton’s Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-free, plant-based alternative that’s sure to suit your kids’ fragile skin.

A cleaner, safer way to tackle unwanted germs and bacteria? Sounds like a win-win to us!

The Milton anti-bacterial range provides efficiency and safety, and all products are developed with babies in mind. This is the reason why Milton is still used today by hospitals and trusted by many parents worldwide. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Brought to you by Milton