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08th Dec 2023

Pick up your free Christmas storybook in your local Home Store + More today

Brought to you by Home Store + More

A brand new Christmas tradition awaits.

The Advent calendars are up, letters have been sent to Santa and Christmas traditions are in full swing in households all over Ireland.

One Christmas tradition that will never tire is reading Christmas bedtime stories to our little ones as we count down the sleeps to Santa’s visit. There’s something truly special about this ritual, particularly when we save our Christmas storybooks for the festive period. As we lay in bed, our children’s imaginations are engaged, while for us parents, the memories of Christmases past flood back.

This year, your festive library is about to get bigger, as Home Store + More have officially launched their first ever Christmas storybook. The storybook, A Christmas Home, is written by The Brothers Malone and illustrated by Jennifer Lynch, and it’s Home Store + More’s way to give back to families this year.

A Christmas Home follows two children who are determined to help their parents out in the run-up to Christmas, and when they notice their home could do with a clean, they decide to surprise their parents one morning.

As they sneak into the garage to find some cleaning supplies, they are met with the surprise of a lifetime – three of Santa’s elves! These super-helpful elves are quick to help the children tidy up – but will they all be able to finish the job before their mam and dad wake up? Only one way to find out!

You can pick up your very own copy of A Christmas Home in your nearest Home Store + More, and the very best part? It’s completely free.

To find your nearest Home Store + More, check out the Store Locator right here.