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03rd Apr 2022

Hot cross bun grazing boards are trending for Easter – and you’ll see why

Trine Jensen-Burke

Delicious – and perfect for entertaining.

Expecting guests this Easter?

Then a hot cross grazing board is about to become your best friend.

What is a hot cross bun board I hear you ask – and let me assure you, these could not be simpler to assemble.

Loaded with hot cross buns, Easter eggs, chocolate, fresh fruit, berries and mini eggs, these grazing boards take just five minutes to prepare and will make the perfect dessert – or snack – to serve this Easter.


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Grazing boards have been trending for a while now, and for good reason.

By serving food and treats this way, cheeseboard style, you are turning it into the ultimate hassle-free centrepiece – meaning guests can serve themselves and go up for another round whenever they please, leaving the host to relax, mingle and graze along with everyone else.

Make it a mix

While it can be tempted to fill your entire grazing board with sweet treats – hello Mini Eggs – you might want to consider arranging a mix of both healthy and not-so-healthy items – just so that your guests have options when it comes to nibbling.

Veggies like sugar snap peas, carrots, celery sticks, asparagus, red pepper and radishes – as well as other crunchy snacks  – are perfect, especially when served with yummy dips and sauces, like hummus, tzatziki and aioli.

And then, fill up the rest of your board with all the sweets you can cram in, from Cream Eggs to chocolate bunnies, if it fits in with your Easter theme, it’s a go, we reckon. Try to add in extra colour with fresh berries too, as these are not only delicious on their own as a healthy sweet alternative, but also work really well with the hot cross buns and any crackers or biscuits you might have on your board.

Adding in something green is always a good idea, especially when there’s an abundance of naughty snacks on offer. Pack on your veggies such as radishes, carrots, celery sticks, asparagus, red pepper and any other crunchy snacks that go down particularly well when loaded up with delicious dipping sauces and spreads. It’ll help balance out all the choc.

Tip: If you’ve got any chocolate eggs, carefully break them in half and place them on the platter for guests to snap off a bit of chocolate when they fancy it.

Oh, and they also double up nicely as the perfect display bowls for your smaller treats, such as Mini Eggs.