Meet the family of enchanting elves that have sprung to life just in time to experience the magic of Christmas 1 year ago

Meet the family of enchanting elves that have sprung to life just in time to experience the magic of Christmas

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Santa’s Lidl helpers always have their eyes peeled...

In the spirit of merriment and Christmas cheer, Lidl’s little elves have returned this year!

The festive season brings out the best in everyone and throughout the country, whole families of elves have sprung to life to experience the wonder of Christmas.

Hidden away in plain sight on the shelves of every Lidl in Ireland, you’ll find grandparent elves, mammies and daddies, mischievous twins and their adorable little Husky, Snowy, just waiting for you to find them.

This entire family of lovely little elves are on sale for just €4.99 each from 25 November and throughout the festive season. They can't wait to make your acquaintance!

The cutest little additions to your Christmas traditions, let’s say hello to this enchanting elf family…

Meet Grandad Noel


Having handed down his trusty check-list to his son Nick (after making sure he taught him everything he knows!), Grandad Noel has been enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation with his wife Carol. Making a pit stop on their round-the-world cruise to spend time with their family this Christmas, these grandparent elves are bringing a barrel full of laughs and a present from every place they’ve visited on their travels for their precious grandkids! While Noel knows you can’t beat an after dinner nap, his absolute favourite part of the holiday dinner is tucking into some fresh Irish turkey!

Meet Granny Carol

Though she may be retired, Granny Carol is still young at heart, and loves nothing more than busting a move with her grandson Eddie and swapping song suggestions with granddaughter Eve. Always ready to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into the dinner prep, Carol’s Christmas pudding is the stuff of legend. Once the big day rolls around, she almost misses cooking for big groups of her nearest and dearest… almost!

Meet Nick


Quite the official looking fellow indeed, Nick has the absolute most important job of them all this Christmas - making sure that everyone has a magical Christmas filled with all of their favourite foods! Once the Lidl staff have gone home for the night, Nick pounces down from the shelf and makes it his mission to sample all the delicious goodies he can get his little hands on. An elf of incredibly high standards, Nick makes sure that the humongous turkey, succulent ham and colourful veggies are mouth-wateringly perfect for your Christmas feast. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!


Meet Holly

Like all hard working mother elves, Holly likes to put her slippered feet up after a long day of treat tasting! A mince pie expert with a flair for sweetness, this red-cheeked elf has been planning the perfect festive feast for the past twelve months and won’t allow any Christmas grinch-ing to dull her sparkle. When it comes to desserts and after dinner treats, only the best will satisfy Holly and she’s given Lidl’s range of sweeties her seal of approval!


Meet Eve

Her very first Christmas as a Trainee Elf, Eve has already fallen head over heels for creating the very best atmosphere an elf can wish for. Her big blue eyes have been imagining the festive season for as long as she can remember! Every night, after the staff close up, Eve takes to the decks and blares all her favorite Christmas tunes for her whole family to enjoy. Without a doubt, she’s on Santa’s nice list!

Meet Eddie

Eve’s twin brother Eddie is a little more mischievous than his sister. Always eager to be in the centre of the action, Elf Eddie lives in the toy aisle and is the first one to take to the dancefloor once his partner-in-crime starts playing her tunes! A helpful little fellow who loves to lend a hand, this Elf is staying well away from the naughty list this year.

Meet Snowy

Who could forget about the newest addition to this elf family, Snowy! A faithful puppy who makes it his mission to help bring the best possible experience to all of Lidl’s customers, this Husky keeps a watchful eye on the door while Nick and his family get the store ready. He’s always ready and willing to sample some tasty treats when given the opportunity!

Find out what’s on their wishlist for Christmas today by visiting the Lidl website. Making the festive season as magical as possible each and every year, Lidl want to make shopping as safe, stress-free and joyous as possible. There’s more for everyone this Christmas when you shop at Lidl.

Brought to you by Lidl…