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12th Dec 2021

Need coffee, but crave hot chocolate? Meet barbajada – the perfect mix of both

Trine Jensen-Burke

Need coffee, but crave hot chocolate? Meet barbajada

The best of both worlds.

If you are anything like us, you literally cannot function in the morning without your usual cup of java.

However, now that the mornings are cold, dark and lockdown-looming gloomy again, we really could do with a little festive flair to our day – and as it turns out, the Italians have been keeping a secret for us that might provide us with just that.

How does a coffee that is also a hot chocolate sound?

Say hello to barbajada the popular drink the Milanese have been keeping secret from us up until now

As simple as it is brilliant –we are going to be sipping it all December long.

The best news is that when it comes to making it, it really could not be simpler.

A quick Google search yielded the perfect (Italian-approved) recipe, and here is all you need:


70 g  cacao ( or cocoa powder)

100 g sugar

200 ml strong coffee (espresso)

200 ml milk

200 ml water

Cream for whipping

How to make it

Mix sugar, cacao (or cocoa) and water and whisk it together. Add the shot of espresso. Pour in hot, frothed milk. And top with a dollop of whipped cream.

Now, sip, enjoy and feel festive!