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18th Aug 2015

Mini hair: 5 cute and simple styles that won’t take forever to do

Sive O'Brien

When it comes to doing hair in the morning, I am definitely a one-trick ponytail. But with an 18-month-old who would give Rapunzel a run for her money, there’s only so much longer I can get away with minimal effort.

It’s only a matter of time before I am forced to get creative on the hair front, but when that day comes, I need to keep it as quick and simple as possible so I don’t end up running even later than usual.

Here are five simple styles that probably won’t make you early, but will definitely look cute.

1. Pigtail buns – a simple twist on the classic

Image via Abella’s Braids

Part the hair down the middle, put pigtails in and make a bun with each one.  Add a couple of bows for extra cuteness.

2. The wispy braid – aka ‘the get-this-hair-out-of-my-face style’

Image via Heart and Habit

Using a wet comb, take a small section of hair and start braiding. Include a new piece of hair with each bit that is crossed over until all the little wispies are out the way.

3. Hair bow – looks like you made more effort than you did

Image via Small Fry

Pull the hair into a loop at the crown of the head leaving tail out on the top of the loop. Separate the loop into two equal parts. Using the tail of the original looped ponytail to secure the two parts of the loop to the sides, pull that loop up and over between the loop. Secure the tail in place with bobby pins.

4. Top knot – made for days when you’re running out the door

Image via Mini Style

You’re probably already doing this super-simple style to your own hair most days. The best bit, however, is the messier this do looks, the better.

5. Twisted bun – another twist on a classic style

Image via The Blue Closet

Part hair, then take a small section at front on one side. Split into two and cross the piece closest to face over back piece. No twisting needed. Grab a small section of hair from the hairline and add it to the current front piece and cross over back piece. Keep going until you get to the back of the head, then secure temporarily with an elastic and repeat on the other side. Take the temporary elastic out and twist the two big sections around each other to form a bun. Secure with elastic.