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26th Aug 2018

6 things in IKEA that we really want to buy for our house

And we won’t need a van.

There are two types of people in this world – those that break out in hives, fill with dread and become short of breath when the word IKEA is mentioned, and those who map out what items they need to pick up based on the shop’s layout, bring their own pencil because the IKEA ones are shite and look forward to a plate of meatballs for the effort.

Yep, we’re clearly a proud part of the second group.

Strategy is everything when making a trip to IKEA so we’ve done most of the hard work for you picking out six pieces that we’ll be making a B line for as soon as we enter that glorious blue and yellow warehouse.

From furniture to finishing touches, there is something here for every need and, more importantly, price range.


1. TÄRNABY Table lamp – €18


2. LÖVBACKEN Side table – €50


3. SKÄGGÖRT Cushion cover – €5


4. FEJKA Artificial potted plant – €40


5. NORDMÄRKE USB charger – €17


6. EKENÄSET Armchair – €179