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06th May 2019

7 brilliant beauty products you are going to want to invest in for summer

Say hello to your most gorgeous summer ever.

Trine Jensen-Burke

Summer is coming.

Yes, really, despite what it looks like, it’s true.

And just to make us all feel a little more prepared for pool- and beachside life (seriously, Bring. It. On.), we have rounded up seven seriously impressive new beauty buys that are absolutely worth every cent.

1. Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact

Few things will make me feel like summer is coming like a shiny new bronzer. And Clarins just does it every time. Not only is the bronzer always perfect (the shade, the texture) and makes my complexion look perfectly sun-kissed, it also comes in the cutest packaging that will just make you feel more summery by looking at it.

Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact (€47) is available from stockist nationwide

2. Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Limited Edition 1-Hour Tan Mousse

Say hello to your most gorgeous tan ever! We are literally obsessed with the new Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter limited-edition 1-hour Tan Mousse – perfect for summer and the festival season ahead. It goes on super-easy and streak-free, and develops in less than an hour, meaning you are ready to go in no-time.

Available in Original Medium, Dark and Extra Dark, the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter limited-edition 1-hour Tan Mousse retails from €7.95 at stockists nationwide.

3. Alien Flora Futura

Say hello to your new favourite summer scent. This fresh and sparkling new addition from Mugler has notes of the hand of buddha, sweet and floral notes of the queen of the night flower and white amber to create a vibrant and enveloping scent. In other words; perfect for those sexy summer nights!

Alien Flora Futura is available from Boots and selected pharmacies nationwide

4. Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream

Confession: I have a bit of an obsession with French pharmacy products, and Avène always delivers. Having tried this cream only recently, I am now forever hooked. I brought it with me on a recent flight (I never wear makeup when flying), and slathered some on before take-off, and guys – far from feeling dry and tight upon landing, my skin felt soft and beautifully nourished. I now use it a couple of evenings a week, and I swear, it has transformed my normally post-winter-dry skin completely.

Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream is available now at pharmacies nationwide


5. Thalgo Biodépyl

If you have ever struggled with the nuisance that is ingrown hairs, you are going to be soo excited about the new Biodépyl from Thalgo, an innovative solutions made to encourage the hair to break the surface of the skin, it also corrects unsightly imperfections and helps to prevent reoccurrence.

We love hos the non-greasy gel texture is quickly absorbed onto the skin without stickiness. A must-buy for your summer beauty bag. Biodépyl Ingrown Hair Treatment can be used in two ways, eihter as a treatment until the hair comes out, or as a preventative measure, applied to areas you shave or wax.

Thalgo Biodépyl (€24) from Thalgo spas and stockists nationwide

6. Loreal Rebel Push Up Mousse

Let me warn you: You are about to become addicted. Goodbye limp, lank hair, hello VOLUME and swish-factor. I have never before liked the way a mousse made my hair look or feel, this but is different. I love how the powder-in-mousse lifts my hair at the root, gives it this gorgeous matte texture and yet doesn’t feel sticky or rough to the touch.

Loreal Rebel Push Up Mousse is available from salons nationwide

7. SVR Xérial Peel

Are your feet sandal ready? If the answer is ‘not really,’ then you need the new Xérial Peel from SVR, an exfoliating sock mask for a new skin effect in a single application.

Wave goodbye to corns and calluses with this highly concentrated injection of keratolytic and emollient active ingredients, the Xérial Peel foot mask will exfoliate and deeply moisturize your feet. Its unique absorption technique targets only the rough and thickened areas of your feett, protecting the sensitive areas.

The SVR Xérial Peel (€35)  is available in pharmacies nationwide and at Graham Anthony