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20th May 2016

5 Awesome Attic Conversion Ideas That Will Win Your Kid’s Hearts

If you have an attic space in your home, the chances are that, like me, you will have used it as a secret hiding space for years. 

Christmas decorations, buggies, old calendars and diaries, photos that you swear you will put into frames some day, bags of baby clothes you cannot bear to part with…

Getting an attic converted is something that lots of us would like to see happen if we had the money – either for an extra room in the house, or for a den for when the kids are a little bit older.

While we’re dreaming about the possibility of such a day, we are trawling through some gorgeous photos of the best conversions of attics in family homes.

Here are 5 of our favourites:

1. Cool Boys Room

Isn’t this just gorgeous? Look how much potential fab storage there is under those beds! We also really love the panelling on the walls – it gives the room a very sophisticated effect.



2. Colourful Play Area

What kid wouldn’t be happy to hang out in a converted attic space like this one? It’s bright, spacious and has room for toy boxes and books in every conceivable nook and cranny.



3. Room For Three

Ok, so this attic is obviously WAY bigger than most but can you imagine something so unbelievably cool for your kids? Beds, hang-out area AND a foosball table? I’m off to buy a Lottery ticket!



4. Kid’s Den

This, I imagine (in my dreams), is where my kids would start their day – watching cartoons while they eat their breakfast before the maid – oh no, sorry, I mean before *I* – come in to carefully select their outfit for the day. I might re-name it ‘Holding Pen’.



5. Country Corner

Whilst compact, this conversion has so much character that I think it may be my favourite. It looks so much more accessible and realistic than all the others – especially the over-stuffed bags and baskets of toys and clothes. Easily the cutest one we’ve found.



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