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13th Nov 2019

Bride buys stunning H&M wedding dress, says good friends ‘mocked’ her decision

Cathy Donohue

A bride-to-be took to the internet recently to share her dismay after her friends ‘mocked’ her H&M wedding dress.

It seems way out of line but apparently, people were bemused by the purchase and asked if she was definitely to go with it.

Taking to sharing forum Mumsnet, the woman in question said that she happened to find her dream dress in H&M with her family etc telling her it was “the one”.

Similar to many brides, she spoke of how she had been dreading dress shopping in places where everything is expensive and there’s always an assistant.

While wedding dress shopping is meant to be an enjoyable experience, it can get very stressful, very fast, as this bride found out.

In a lengthy post, she shared images of said dress (see below) and explained that she’s received some backlash at her decision to purchase a wedding dress from somewhere other than a wedding boutique.

At first, she was delighted as she didn’t realise the high-street shop actually sold wedding dresses and although the Tulle Wedding Dress style was pretty much sold out, it was still available in her size.

In fact, everything was going to plan until she spoke to her “good friends”.

Originally priced at €159, it was on sale and this seemed to prompt the harsh reaction.

The thread has since been deleted as the original poster wants the dress to remain a surprise for her wedding day which would suggest that she’s decided to stick with her preferred choice.

Thankfully, the negativity hasn’t swayed her decision but I have to say, it seems bizarre that friends of hers would think it a good idea to share their unfavourable opinions on her dress.

Particularly, as they were mainly basing their thoughts on the price and the manufacturer, instead of actually considering what the bride was happy with.

The dress is gorgeous and here’s hoping she has an amazing day!