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27th Apr 2017

You can soon buy a mini self-assembly home from Muji for just over €20,000

Trine Jensen-Burke

House-hunting and feel a little disheartened by the savage property prices – especially if you are an urban dweller?

Well, then you might be interested to hear that Japanese brand Muji has just unveiled its design for a (fairly compact) nine-square-metre prefabricated house – which will go on sale later this year.

According to design- and architecture website Dezeen the ‘Muji hut’ will retail for just under £21,000 – and will be available to purchase in Japan from August this year. Hopefully meaning they will come to our shores sooner than later too.

Apparently, the very minimalist retailer intends for the compact huts to be anything from a holiday bolthole to an actual permanent residence – claiming that the tiny dwelling will suit a wide variety of locations.

“Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life,” the brand stated in a press release.

And while undeniably very minimal, we have to admit there is something very soothing about the miniature house too.

Made entirely of Japanese wood, the mono-pitched hut includes a nine-square-metre interior and a covered patio, measuring three square metres.

There are also sliding doors, so that you can open to front entirely to your outdoor space, and a small window on the back wall, bringing light right through the house.

The house is built on a concrete foundation to protect against ground moisture, and the clever wooden exterior is made using a Japanese technique which renders the walls resistant to fire, insects and decay – meaning, of course, this house needs very little upkeep.

Internally, the walls are lighter and are made from Japanese cypress plywood – simple, but begging for a little personal touch, we think.

What do YOU think, guys? Could you see yourself living on nine square metres? Or would you consider investing in one of these as a holiday home? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie