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01st Apr 2017

This clever curling trick will make your curls last all day (and night) long

Trine Jensen-Burke

Few things are as annoying as having spent the best part of your morning carefully curling your locks into lovely, bouncy curls, only to discover that by the time you have actually managed to make it out the door – never even mind into work – they are long gone.

Enter this clever curling trick from our favourite website on all things beauty-related, Byrdie, that sees your start the curl at the middle of the lock of hair instead of starting from the end and rolling up.

The result? Perfectly wavy curls that will see you from work to dinner – and beyond.

Here is what you do:

1. Start by taking a small section of your hair, clamping the iron in the middle of the section. (If the section is on your left side, place the clamp on top. If it’s on your right side, place the clamp on the bottom.)

2. Next, turn the curling iron away from your face, leaving some hair sticking out at the end.

3. After holding for about seven seconds, press on the clamp with one hand, hold the end of the hair section with the other hand and slowly slide your curling iron down to the end of the section.

4. Now, wrap the curling iron away from your face again, and bring it up toward the roots.

5. Once you’ve wrapped up to the roots, hold for a few seconds, bring the curling iron down vertically, and release the hair to reveal your curly wave.

Voila; perfect relaxed waves that will last you ALL day!