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19th May 2016

This Is How You Create The Perfect Messy, Yet Totally Chic Bun

If you are a mum of young children, and have long-ish hair, chances are you have (a lot of) days where all you can manage is a get-this-hair-away-from-my-face bun.

Don’t worry, we all do. My hair is pretty much permanently “styled” that way. (And I use the term style a little loosely here).

The thing is, there is a way of doing buns that will make it look like you actually set out to wear your hair like this. As in; it looks really, really intentional and even terribly chic.

We are currently loving this style, which clearly has an element of messy, but is also totally chic enough for both office and dinner.

Here’s the how-to-do’s:

* Start off with one- to two-day-old hair, then spray a dry shampoo all over your head, concentrating on your scalp.

* Next, apply a defining paste to just your ends to give them definition and control.

* Brush your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic without metal (those damage your locks!) and is the same colour as your hair.

* Take your ponytail and twist it and tuck the end under your elastic.

* Gently pull at the ‘bun’ to make it a little fuller and give it shape {like the pic above} and secure it all around to the base with bobby pins the same colour as your hair.

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