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20th Dec 2017

Sketches of designs for Meghan’s wedding dress leaked

They're very different from past royal bridal gowns.
The family tradition Meghan will incorporate into her wedding

“I love to highlight a woman’s form.”

Most brides like to keep details of their dress a secret in the run-up to their big day but as a pretty famous bride-to-be, that might be a little harder for Meghan Markle.

The royals are usually good at keeping things under wraps but it looks as though we’ve gotten a bit of a peek behind the curtain this time.

Sketches of wedding dresses, reported to have been drawn for Meghan by Israeli designer Inbal Dror, have been leaked via TMZ.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Dror received a request from the royal bride to design a dress for her.

The sketches show dresses that are very different to the traditional lace Alexander McQueen gown that Kate Middleton wore for her big day in 2011.

While they do have some of the elements of traditional royal wedding dresses, like long sleeves and high necks, these dresses look a bit more modern and might offer clues as to what type of dress Meghan wants.

Fitted bodices and plunging necklines are trademarks of Dror’s.

A post shared by Inbal Dror (@inbaldrorofficial) on

A post shared by Inbal Dror (@inbaldrorofficial) on

Dror previously explained to Elle South Africa why she chose to specialise in bridal gowns;

“I loved the feeling it gave me seeing a bride’s face when she wore the most special dress of her life. It’s an honour and a thrill to design such an important dress.

She described her style as “bold.”

“It’s sexy, and I love to highlight a woman’s form. The detailing, beading and unique lace is also always a feature in my designs.”

If she does design a dress for Meghan, it won’t be the first time a celebrity has worn one of her looks.

Beyoncé donned a very bridal-looking Inbal Dror number for the Grammy Awards in 2016.