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31st Oct 2017

These dogs dressed up for a charity Halloween walk and it’s so beautiful


Jade Hayden

Ah, god.

If there’s one thing better than a dog looking happy and all dressed up it’s a dog looking happy and all dressed up for Halloween.

And it’s even better if those dogs are looking happy and all dressed up for Halloween for a good cause too.

Yesterday was the annual Halloween dog walk and show for UK charity All Dogs Matter and oh my, if the dogs weren’t adorable.

There was this pumpkin dog.

This happy bat boy.

This beautiful Daschund vampire lad.

These cowdogs.

And this sweet little wolf.

@Regrann from @lunotta13: Simba ? @alldogsmatter @Halloweenwalk @thespaniard #london #fun #halloween #softerthanyouthink

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All of the dogs took part in the charity’s annual walk which gives all proceeds raised to rescue dogs and those looking to be rehomed in the UK.

There were also some professional shots taken by photographer Paul Brown on the day.

They were shared by dog rehoming group Tailwise and they really capture the festivities of the day.