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01st Dec 2016

5 NEW Time Saving Hair Styles For The School Run

Katie Mythen-Lynch

When getting everyone fed, dressed and out the door is an epic challenge in itself, adding an intricate hair styling session to the mix is a laughable concept.

Unfortunately however, those wild bird’s nests (yours and the kids’) won’t tame themselves. Clever parents depend on a few tried and tested ‘dos. If you’re a newbie, or a dad, the best time to give them a bash is at the weekend when time is on your side.

Buy a soft brush and a tangle taming spray to prevent those squeals of ‘OWWWW!’ and invest in some snag-free hair ties that are easy to remove at the end of the day.

For the fringe that refuses to grow out

The is a cute party hair style for short hair. Simply make a side crease and tuck the shorter side behind the ear. Separate the other side into three sections at the front and pop a mini elastic on each.


For late mornings: The trusty hairband

Already running behind schedule? Try a dusting of dry shampoo (for you) and a quick run through with a hairbrush (for her). The pop on a cute hair band and leave the house looking like the mother/daughter style duo you are.


For long hair: The toddler topknot

This is the time-saving hairstyle that produces the most ‘put together’ look in the least time. Pull hair into a high ponytail, pop on a bun donut, separate ponytail into two and arrange it to hide the bun, pinning the hair with kirby grips as you go,


For short hair: The front braid

This has the duel benefit of looking sweet and simultaneously keeping that pesky hair out of your little girl’s eye.


For unwashed mum hair

If a salon styling session is completely out of the question (so most mornings, then) the glam mom needs to be creative. Whip your long hair into a neat side ponytail and lightly braid. Pop on some invisible hair elastics down the length of the ponytail, then gently pull apart your braid to add texture. See this brilliant tutorial for more.


What rush hour hair tips do you rely on? Share them with us now on Twitter @HerFamilydotie. 

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