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30th Dec 2018

The €18 Penneys jumpsuit that is SO comfy and SO perfect for New Year’s Eve

Jade Hayden

Screams it, alright?

It’s New Year’s Even tomorrow, which means that you’re either staying in, going out, and a little something in between.

Whatever you’re planning on doing, you probably want to look good doing it – or if you don’t want to look good, you most likely want to look at least alright. 

The bare minimum, to be honest.

If you, like us, are still vaguely panicking about what you’re going to wear though – and have literally zero funds to buy something new and expensive after Christmas – calm down because Penneys exists, remember?

And Penneys is always cheap.

In this case, the cheap product in question is a striped jumpsuit that only costs €18 and we’ll take four of them, please.

One for us and one for the rest of the squad #onfleek.

The jumpsuit is a dark navy and red striped number with a belted middle, cropped pants, and a wide leg.

It’s also got a V neck but not any pockets but, you know, pick your battles.

Slam a pair of heels on you feet, a clutch in your hand, and you’re ready for the town tomorrow night.

Or the house party. Or the lonely night spent alone in your gaff while all of your mates have fun and you refused to go out because New Year’s Eve is The Worst Night Of The Year.