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04th Jan 2018

The ‘most flattering leggings’ look like the ones we buy in Penneys for €4

170 quid?!

Olivia Hayes

Hmm… we’re not too sure about this.

Leggings are leggings, right? You might have a favourite brand, but they’re basically just black, cotton, stretchy trousers.

Even though we all used to walk around wearing them like they’re jeans (they’re not), we have kind of come off the trend in recent years, and only wear them to the gym or around the house.

However, WhoWhatWear is trying to bring them back and have come up with a list of the ‘most flattering’ leggings in stores right now.

None of them are below €65. Let that be our number one point.

And our second thought? They all look exactly the same as the ones we buy in Penneys for €4.

Here’s the website’s top pick for work; a pair of Mint Velvet leggings for €77.

And here’s what it recommends wearing to the gym. A Bodyism pair for €169.

They’re black leggings. We do not need to pay 70 quid for them… especially when we’re just going to be wearing them around the house.