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17th Feb 2020

Goodbye tired morning face: The €23 face mask every woman over 30 needs in her life

Trine Jensen-Burke

Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask

Feel like the face looking back at you in the mirror in the morning is looking a little worse for the wear these days?

Boy, do I know that feeling.

Not sleeping enough, the dry winter air and also the fact that I am now a fully-fledged adult has resulted in my complexion often looking a little drab and far from dewy lately.

However, as luck would have it, I was recently lucky enough to get to test a new face mask by Trilogy, a New Zealand-based skincare brand I love not only for their gorgeous products, but also because they have a clean and sustainable approach to beauty that I can really get on board with.

Having listed their Rosehip Oil as one of my ‘can’t live without it’ products for the longest time, I was more than eager to get my hands on the brand new Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask, chock-a-block with nourishing rosehip oil, ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisture restoring New Zealand Manuka honey.

I decided to test the mask on a morning when my skin really, really needed a little pick-me-up – a drab and rainy February Thursday, where I literally looked like a walking dead person having not only stayed up way later than I should have the night before to finish up some work, but was also under the weather with a head cold and sinus infection.

Upon getting out of bed on that particular morning I splashed my face with some water and then applied the mask. The first thing I noticed was the very pleasant rosehip scent, which I was already a fan of having used the facial oil on and off for years. The gel is almost see-through in colour, and feels super-cooling as it glides evenly across the skin. I imagine it must be the perfect thing to bring on holidays and apply after a day spent in the sun, actually.

I left the mask for about 10 minutes as I went about my normal morning routine, making myself some hot lemon water, packing lunchboxes and taking a quick shower. By now, the mask had dried on my face, but although it felt a little stiff, there is none of that horrible, dried, cracking feeling as I have experienced with so many similar masks.


To wash it off, I simply wring out a washcloth in lukewarm water and wipe the mask gently off my face. And again, unlike so many other wash-off masks, my skin doesn’t feel sensitive and dry, it feels super-refreshed, hydrated and looks noticeably smoother, firmer and really, really dewy.

I am hooked. All that in just 10 little minutes? Sign me up.

According to the experts at Trilogy, the hyaluronic acid and moisture restoring New Zealand Manuka honey, as well as the inclusion of refreshing kawakawa extract and aloe vera juice to the mask adds to that energising pick-me-up which literally seems to have made my skin look and feel so much fresher and dewier.

One tip I got from a beautician friend of mine was to leave masks like this in the fridge, which will only add to that cooling and refreshing sensation when you go to apply it in the morning time.

In other words; the perfect buy for all of us with complexions that can look a little tired and puffy when we get out of bed in the morning.