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10th Sep 2017

THIS is the hair colour everyone will be begging their hairdresser for this fall

We are calling our hairdressers right this minute.

If you are anything like us, you like a bit of change once a new season rolls around.

And when it comes to change, nothing will put a spring in your step like a new amazing hair colour, we think. I mean; would it even feel like the start of a new season if there wasn’t a new IT colour trend to fawn over on Pinterest? Probably not.

And right now, ladies, right now that colour, if you care to know, is ‘Cream soda.’

Yup, that’s right – cream soda.

Speaking to Refinery29, Los Angeles-based hairstylist, Sunnie Brook, confirmed it’s the color all of her clients are asking for this season. (And just so you know, her customers includes the likes of Hailey Baldwin, America Ferrera, and Claire Holt, to name a few.)

What is cream soda hair, we hear you ask. Well, think something in the middle between blonde and brunette, with beigy, warm tones. And, according to Brook, the shade can be easily adapted to suit both blondes and brunettes. What more, it is also kind to you hair as you are not looking for an all-out blonde (bleached) effect.

If you can’t quite picture such a shade, just take a look for yourself (and call your hairdresser straight away):

Cream Soda blonde for Fall ?

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