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08th Oct 2019

H&M have launched a matching human and dog sweater collection

Jade Hayden


It’s autumn now, which means that it is officially jumper season.

Or at least, it would be if it didn’t keep raining at every single moment of every day, thus making every knit we own entirely ruined by damp.

But hey, who are we to complain?

We’re still going to be donning delightful sweaters left, right, and centre for the next few months – and in some cases, so will our dogs.

And they’ll be matching ones too. Too much, tbh.

H&M have collaborated with heritage fashion label Pringle of Scotland to create a collection of sweaters and accessories that are equal parts traditional, glamorous, and actually not that expensive.

The sweaters are styled with highland argyles and jacquards, as well as a few fair isle knits, with the majority of the collab having a fairly authentic British feel to it.

The H&M x Pringle collection also includes dog versions of two of the sweaters, which honestly is the only reason that any of you even bothered to click into this article so let’s just focus on those, shall we?

There’s this knitted grey argyle pattern for both humans and dogs.

Human sweater: €22.99 

Dog sweater: €19.99 

And then there’s this black and white knit also available for both humans and dogs.

Human sweater: €22.99

Dog sweater: €19.99

Honestly, too much, like.

Naturally, all of the above dog-based clothes have actually sold out – because of course they have, look how cute they are.

The human version of the argyle sweater is also currently unavailable from the site’s Ireland online store, but the black knit – as well as lots of other pieces in the collection – are available to buy now.

And in fairness, they’d want to be doing a restock very soon given the excitement that these dog sweaters have generated.

Honestly, like.

You can check out the entire H&M x Pringle collection here.