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04th Jan 2016

Is YOUR home on trend? See what the experts have to say about that

We are (more than) a little obsessed with cool home decor over here at HerFamily HQ. Throw pillows? Drowning in them. Covering walls in blackboard paint? Bring it. Metallic anything? We crave it.

And now that January is here, and we have packed up Christmas and ditched the holiday decor, we feel more than ready to embrace some of this year’s hottest home trends. Luckily, much thanks to Pinterest, finding out what will dominate 2016 is no trouble. According to the pinning habits of 100 million(!) users, these are some of the home trends we will all be lusting over this coming year:

1. Geometric tiles

If you want to take your bathroom style up a notch, we have no doubt investing in some new, geometric tiles will do just that. (We just fear we would never leave the bathroom with a floor like this!)


(Image via

2. Scandinavian inspired design

Oh, I know; I am MORE than a little biased here, but seriously, how can you not love Scandinavian inspired rooms?! The sleek furniture? The clutter-free clean lines. All that white. (Note: At home, my other half think my style is “too Scandinavian”, to the extent that he clings on to an old flowery set of bed linens his mother donated to him years ago, just as an antidote to my obsession with all things white!)


(Image via

3. Shades of grey

Grey is all sorts of amazing, we think.


(Image via

4. Graphic throw pillows

Disclaimer: I have a substance abuse problem when it comes to throw pillows, and spend an unhealthy amount of money on them, time shopping for them, fluffing them, re-distributing them around the house and generally obsess over them. The graphic style that will, according to Pinterest, be so hot this year? Already on it! (And by on it I mean just splurged some of our saved-up wedding funds on like ten of them on our holiday trip to Norway. Whoops!)


(Image via H&M Home)

5. Black, white and organic shades

Whoever said neutrals are boring?! (Disclaimer: This does NOT mean you should leave your walls Magnolia. Magnolia must die!)


(Image via

6. Artisan goods

Is it bad that we are considering booking our holidays purely on the basis of where you get the really good interior bits?! (Morocco, here we come!)


(Image via

7. Gilded metallic wallpaper

Be still our anything-as-long-as-it-sparkles hearts!


(Image via

8. Green

The colour green is EVERYWHERE this year. Furniture, cushions, walls, it can all go green now.


(Image via H&M Home)

9. Bring the outdoors indoors

Love lounging around in your garden furniture in the summer? Why not bring them inside to enjoy the rest of the year as well? Other ways to embrace this trend could be by allowing wide windows and greenery to dominate a room rather than hanging heavy curtains.And go plant shopping – the more, the better.


(Image via

10. Concrete

Just like my obsession with throw pillows, I am having a total love affair with concrete at the minute. And so, it seems, are the rest of the internet too. I mean; it is SO beautiful, and totally underrated as a material. I am currently mid-talks with my other half about opting for a concrete worktop for our kitchen – and if I have my way, all our floors will be poured concrete too. And just think of it this way: Unfinished, rough concrete walls or floors are a great way to showcase your furniture, art or other interior accents.


(Image via

What do YOU think, dear readers? Will you be trying out some of these home trends? Or are you sticking to something more safe and classical when it comes to decorating?

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