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20th Mar 2017

This Kildare groom did something VERY controversial with his bride’s wedding dress

Laura Holland

Talk about making a statement.

Nikki Moten was the next bride to feature on Don’t Tell The Bride last night on RTÉ2. She put her wedding plans in the hands of her husband-to-be Jamie.

Jamie chose a beautiful white dress for Nikki with stunning detail on the sleeves.

Not willing to leave it there, though, Jamie decided to dye the dress blue in a gigantic pot in his house.

He’s taken the ‘something blue’ tradition very seriously.

Nikki told us that she was absolutely delighted and that she was happy he took the risk. We can see why – it’s a real head-turner.

The couple from Kilcock got married at their very own Wedfest, in the middle of a glamping park.

Jamie wasn’t making it easy for Nikki and planned for her to get to the wedding by boat even though she is terrified of the water because she can’t swim.