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29th Aug 2018

Kimberley Walsh’s sister is a regular character in Emmerdale

Cathy Donohue

Kimberley Walsh’s sister is in Emmerdale and we had NO idea.

We all remember Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, probably my fave gal if I’m honest and if you’re an Emmerdale fan, you’ll know Tracy Metcalfe well.

Tracy Metcalfe is played by Amy Walsh and it just so happens that she and Kimberley are sisters, I kid you not.

Amy joined the soap in 2014 in the role of Tracy Shankley and as long-time viewers may remember, she became close to Sam Dingle when she first arrived.

Originally, Amy just appeared for a few episodes but returned as a regular character in 2015.

However, as fans will know this relationship didn’t last and she married David Metcalfe in September 2016.

They split in March of this year and as those who follow the soap can attest to, she’s had an eventful time in the Dales.

Amy isn’t the only soap star in the Walsh family either for her and Kimberley’s sister, Sally, played the role of Lyn Hutchinson for three years from 1997 to 2000.

If you’re watching Emmerdale for some time, you might remember that Lyn went out with Marlon Dingle for a time.

Slightly confusing, we know.

Amy, Lyn and Kimberley are from Bradford, West Yorkshire and we can’t believe we didn’t know about this random soap connection.

Similarly, in case you weren’t aware, Lacey Turner’s sister was previously in Eastenders and you can see more about that here.