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30th Mar 2020

Life hack: One mum’s clever laundry hack is about to save you A LOT of time

laundry hack

If you, like me, are facing into yet another week where you’ll be spending large chunks of it on the laundry (washing, sorting, folding etc.), listen up.

Because this mum just shared a nifty little laundry hack that is about to save us all a whole heck of a lot of time.

You know how the worst part of the whole laundry debacle is when it is time to wake the clothes out of the dryer and actually start sorting them, figuring out what rooms they need to go into, and then starting to fold the lot? Yep, us too. It’s the WORST.

However, listen to this: What if you could skip the whole sorting step altogether? Sounds impossible? It is not.


Listen to the trick US mum-of-two, Layla Laurence, recently shared on

“I can’t explain exactly why this final stage of laundry is so damn exhausting to me. I think it has to do with all the bending over, the folding of teeny, tiny clothing that gets lost in the big grown-up clothing and the missing socks. For the love of all that is holy, if I had a shot of vodka for every unpaired sock I found in each load of laundry, I’d be wasted—or dead.

Then, something miraculous happened.

Shortly after my second baby was born, I got fed up with losing her little socks and onesies in the crazy mess of everyone else’s laundry and started washing her baby clothes in a load all of its own. I quickly found that this was the way to go. I literally dumped her hamper into my washer, took the load out of the dryer and transferred it to her changing table where I could easily sort and fold clothes that I knew belonged in that general vicinity. Genius!”

Get that? Just wash the clothes by which room they need to go into – and voila – you have just saved yourself a big chunk of time, mama.

Now, sit back and enjoy that coffee.