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11th Apr 2020

We’re moving outside! 10 fab buys for the garden or terrace we are dreaming of right now

Trine Jensen-Burke

buys for the garden or terrace

Summer is coming.

And sure, the world feels all sorts of crazy right now, the Easter long weekend we are heading into will be nothing like ones we are used to – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves. And make the most of it. And enjoy the glorious weather for all its worth.

Our gardens and balconies and terraces are screaming to be used right now, and just because we all deserve a treat, here are 10 gorgeous buys for your outdoor space to make you excited to use it this spring:

1. Patterned cotton cushion cover


2. Seagrass lantern


3. Striped seat cushion


4 Handmade tassel-detailed basket


5. Hole-patterned jute rug


6. Canvas cushion cover


7. Large glass dispenser with tap


8. Wooden bench


9. Linen-blend table runner


10. Rattan table mat