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07th Oct 2018

This brilliant multi-tasking hair hack will change your life

Looking for a way to give your dry and frizzy hair a little TLC, but don’t want to throw a lot of time or money into it? Yeah, us too.

It is no wonder then that this little gem of a hair-hack completely blew our collective minds this morning. Not only is it far quicker and cheaper than booking a session with your local hairdresser, it also requires no mess or waiting around for it to work, trying not to rub your head up against anyone or anything in the process.

So far, so great. So without further ado; here is the hair ah-ha moment you have been waiting for:

Wear a hair mask to the gym.

That’s right. Rub a hair mask into your hair and hit the gym. It might sound a little crazy at first, but when you think about it, it makes PERFECT sense. And this is why: Throwing a deep-conditioning hair mask in our hair is something many of us often think about, but never quite get around to doing (our evenings are busy enough as it is, and between cooking and homework help and bedtimes, there never seems to be enough time left over for such indulgent things as hair-care.). And then there is the worry about it staining your clothes – or worse, the couch as you sit down to wait for the mask to have worked its magic.

The gym thing just completely takes the hassle out of everything. The mask doing its job while you get down and sweaty with it. And when you are done, you just shower as you normally do when you are finished with your gym routine, washing the remains of the hair mask out of your hair in the process. Job done. In 5 almost-too-easy steps:

1. Put your gym clothes on and brush out your (dry and frizzy) hair.

2. Apply hair mask and pull hair into your go-to workout knot/messy bun/braid.

3. Work out.

4. Shower and rinse out mask.

5. Look at your hair!

Now, if this isn’t multitasking, we don’t know what is!