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09th Sep 2018

This mum’s €350 laundry room makeover is EVERYTHING

Between collecting, washing, drying, ironing and folding, ironing is the bane of the modern parent’s life. 

Bar shelling out for your local launderette to take care of it every week, there’s really no escaping the monotony of the wash cycle.

At the very least, having a designated space to deal with it all can help. That’s why were are insanely jealous of the laundry room created by uber-organised mother-of-six Ronda Batchelor. 

Not only does it feature a stacked washer and dryer, ample room to hang clothing and a hidden ironing board, it also boasts faux marble DIY counter tops, a stylish sliding barn door, neat drying shelves for delicates and individual baskets so each child can collect and put away their own clothing.


Ronda and her husband Les tricked out their laundry room for around €350, doing all of the work themselves.

She’s living the dream. If only she could tell us how she got each kid to sort their own socks.