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11th Nov 2017

Next is selling alcohol-scented candles (and that’s your stocking fillers sorted)

Scent your home with Prosecco this Christmas.

Trine Jensen-Burke

We don’t know about you, but to us, there is no holiday season without the presence of a certain few things.

Two of these just happen to be scented candles and alcohol. I mean; what is Christmas without a lovely candle lit and a glass of fizz, no?

And now, now, my friends, the clever people at Next have gone ahead and combined the two for us – in three luxuriously decadent candles. And the best bit? At just €11 a pop you can totally justify getting all three.

Say hello to your new favourite home scent (or pretty much the most perfect stocking filler ever created).

We can’t wait to snap this Gin Fizz one up:

And how about the Prosecco one? A must-buy, we think:

And for that dreamy ‘hygge’ feeling, we think you won’t be able to beat the smell from this Mulled Wine one.

Which one will YOU be snapping up, mamas?