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24th May 2020

Selfcare Sunday: The easy DIY body scrub that’ll slough off that dry winter skin

Trine Jensen-Burke

DIY body scrub

What Sundays were made for.

I have really started to up my self-care game this lockdown, and one thing I am loving right now, is giving myself a proper body scrub on a Sunday evening before my bath.

Seriously, scrubbing your skin will help slough off dead skin cells, prevent dry skin, help your moisturiser sink in and – if you are using fake tan – help ensure this goes on evenly and streak-free.

Scrubbing is a must, and I have invented a really brilliant DIY scrub that makes my entire bathroom smell like the Amalfi Coast – a win/win I think we can all agree.

And honestly, it could not be easier. Here is what you need:

Sea salt


Coconut oil

Wild orange essential oil (try this one)

How to

Add sea salt and sugar to a bowl or jar (I roughly used twice as much sea salt than sugar, so say 1 cup of sea salt, 1/2 cup of sugar)

Top up with melted coconut oil, so the mixture becomes slightly sticky

Then add about 30 drops of essential oil

Stil with a spoon

Now you are ready to scrub off all that dry, dead winter skin.

Hello glow!