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30th Jan 2021

The spring collection from H&M Home is (almost) here – and it’s SO good

Trine Jensen-Burke

H&M Home

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a grand stretch in the evenings, we are almost out of the hellish month that is January, and, much as the world still feels very different, spring is only around the corner. And thank GOD for that.

And I don’t know about you, but having spent more time inside my home the past 12 months than ever before (and that’s despite me always managing to get out for at least one walk and coffee a day!) I am more than ready to give it a bit of spring upgrade!

Lucky for me, I just got to have a little sneak peek at the brand new homeware collection that is about to arrive at H&M Home any day now. And trust me, it was nothing if not a breath of fresh (spring) air.

Here is what  Evelina Kravaev-Söderberg, Head of Design & Creative at H&M HOME, had to say about the brand’s latest drop:

“A home isn’t just a place where we station ourselves after work. Now more than ever, our homes have become the centre of our lives – it’s where we express every part of ourselves. H&M HOME’s Spring collection is crafted for a life lived fully and lets you rediscover your rooms, allowing your home to be as versatile and open to change as you are.”

Kravaev-Söderberg continues:

Spring at H&M HOME is all about bringing out your creativity for a conscious living. A tough year has made us revaluate our homes and we want to inspire our customers to be creative and use their home and objects in more than one way. Whether it’s long workdays from home, cosy moments with your family or relaxing alone time, your home is the place where anything can happen.”

The designer explains that this year, H&M Home wants us to rethink how we use the spaces in our home, and look for for ways to use things and areas in a new way – by using what we already own or by adding a little update to make it feel fresh.


“Hang a beautiful rug on your wall and use it as a pinboard for all your creative ideas. Create some working space within your living space by making room for a cosy corner office inside your living room. Add indigo blue cushion covers in organic cotton to underline that bohemian countryside vibe.”

I love the materials this collection, all with a nod to nature and the countryside or coast. Materials such as clay, linen and jute, with a range of blue shades creating a fresh, yet casual sensation that encourages simple living.

Simple living – where you can focus on what really matters.

“Make the bathroom your own private yoga studio that offers a soothing bubble bath at the end of your class. Transparent blue soap dispensers are easy on the eyes and along with our new candles made of olive wax residue, our soft waffled cotton towels will create harmony in both body and mind.”

“Who needs a garden when you can let your bedroom bloom? Create a green oasis, just where you need relaxation the most. Pick plants that purify the air and combine different terracotta pots for an organic touch. Bed linen and pillows in natural colours will help you clear your head and unwind before a good night’s sleep.”

The collection will be available online at from February 4th, and here are just some of my favourite bits:

This gorgeous vintage-style rug:

This sleek soap dispenser:

This tablecloth:

This storage basket:

This linen cushion cover: