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17th Oct 2016

Stop Crying, This Is How You Can Un-Shrink Shrunken Clothes

If you (or someone in your house who shouldn’t be let near the laundry!) have ever accidentally shrunk a piece of clothing from normal adult size down to something that wouldn’t even fit your smallest child, fear not.

All is not lost. The truth is you can actually un-shrink your shrunken clothes. Yes, really.

So before you throw that gorgeous sweater into the charity bin pile, try this clever hack we came across on Pinterest first:

All you need is some baby shampoo (or conditioner) and a sink.

  1. Fill your sink up with lukewarm water, make sure it’s lukewarm and not hot – hot will make it shrink more.
  2. Add 1/3 a cup of conditioner or baby shampoo to the water mixture, and soak your shrunken clothes in the mixture for half an hour.
  3. Drain the sink, and squeeze excess water out of your sweater.
  4. Pull your sweater out to the size you want it to be, and let it dry, once it’s completely dry rinse the mixture out and let it air dry again.

And voila; as good as freakin’ new!