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22nd Nov 2019

The cosy Penneys jumper that makes getting dressed on cold mornings much easier

Cathy Donohue

The super cosy Penneys jumper you’ll want to pick up.

The brief period between getting out from under your warm duvet and putting your clothes on is our least favourite part of the morning – it’s just too cold.

Of course, this means you’ll want to put something extra snuggly on to ensure as much warmth as possible before braving the elements.

Our latest find is this Penneys jumper which deserves extra points for the bobble detail.

The cream shade means it’s extremely versatile and wearable, it’ll go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

Add your most comfortable jeans and a pair of boots that have passed the Irish weather test – the perfect winter ensemble.

Penneys jumper

We’re all about making mornings as easy as possible especially now it’s so dark and cold first thing, anything to make the day start off well.

Organising your outfit the night before will save you time and in an ideal world, you’ll locate it as close to your bed as possible guaranteeing maximum cosiness.

When we’re talking cosy, warm clothes, we can’t leave out pyjamas and just look at these beauties.

The Christmas PJ selection at Penneys is seriously good and you’ll want to pick up a pair now before all the best ones are gone.

We love the red polka-dot fleece print, the star pattern is gorgeous too and there are numerous other options in stores now.

In fact, we might be thinking about picking up two pairs because let’s be honest, chilling in PJs/loungewear/suitable comfy clothes is pretty much essential.

Especially for that in-between Christmas and New Year when no one really knows what day it is, chocolate for breakfast is completely normal and staying in 24/7 is what we’re all about.


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Super-cosy fleece PJs provide the perfect excuse to climb into bed early ?✨ PJ Set £8/€10/$12 #Primark #nightwear #Christmas

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