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25th Jan 2016

The Average Wedding Budget Has Risen…


The average budget for a wedding has risen since last year, now standing at €22,531 (mind you, that’s including the honeymoon).

A survey by website weddingsonline revealed that on average people will be spending more on their nuptials in 2016 and over a third usually go over their budget.

Over a quarter seek to take out a loan to cover this cost while others turn to their parents to help foot the bill. The majority though dive into their savings.

The survey also found that religious weddings are still the most popular (72%) however humanist weddings and civil ceremonies are growing in popularity.

If you’re still waiting on that special question, you might be waiting for a while as December is the most popular month to get engaged.

Summer is the season when most people tie the knot (July being the most popular followed by September and then August) with the average age being 31 for brides and 33 for grooms.

As for the honeymoon (which let’s face it is the most important part), the top destinations are the United States, Mexico and the Maldives.

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