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07th Oct 2019

There’s a plus-size swap shop happening in Dublin later this month

Jade Hayden

Excellent news for vintage lovers everywhere.

Who among us can truly say that they don’t love a good swap shop?

They’re the sustainable fashion craze that’s been taking over for the past while, giving everyone and their mother the chance to give their old clothes to a good home while picking up a few new bits for themselves.

The concept behind the swap shop is simple: you bring a certain number of pieces you think other people would like, you take home a similar number of pieces yourself.

Nothing lost, everything gained.

And while swap shops have been popping up all over the country, it can sometimes be hard to get involved if you worry that you won’t be that into any of the clothes on offer… or that they won’t fit you.

How lucky for us then that Taz and Geraldine from Sustainable Fashion Dublin have organised a plus-size swap shop to satisfy all of our not-just-size-eight needs.

“As you know, our whole shtick is that the easiest and cheapest way to be sustainable with our wardrobe is by buying second-hand and engaging in the circular economy,” they said.

“However, one thing we’ve been hearing more and more from our community was the difficulty that people with bigger bodies can have when it comes to finding gorgeous, fashionable clothes in swap shops, charity shops and vintage shops.”

Taz and Geraldine have organised the plus-size swap shop in a bid to ensure that nobody feels excluded from the sustainable fashion movement because of their size.

They told Her that you don’t need to be a certain size to come to the event.

Rather, the swap shop will be for anybody who feels that shopping vintage can be a bit of a hassle due to the shape of their body.

There’ll also be a panel discussion with journalist Sarah Magliocco, model Halle Steele, and body image activist Louise O’Reilly about shopping sustainable as a plus-size person, as well as general tips for getting the best of the wardrobe you already have.

Sustainable Fashion Dublin’s plus-size swap shop kicks off in The Tara Building on Saturday, October 19 from noon to 2pm.

Tickets start at €15. You can buy them here.