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09th Jun 2016

5 Things To Do With Your Kid’s Bedrooms (Now They’re Sleeping In Your Bed)

Sharyn Hayden

I don’t know about you, but our two kids spend a lot of their sleeping hours in my bedroom.

As all four of us lay down on our queen-sized bed last night to read stories, and my other half and I took turns singing songs to lull them to sleep, I had the same thought that I’m sure many other parents around the country had too:

‘Why don’t we just turn their bedroom into a walk-in closet?’

They clearly have no interest in their bedroom despite all our efforts to decorate it and make it a place that any grateful children would be proud to call their own.

Nope, they would much rather squish in beside us every night and shove their tiny limbs into our ribs.

On that note, I am putting forward a motion to have a big ole dream about precisely what ELSE we could be doing with that abandoned room in our house.

Here are 5 (crazy) ideas:

  1. Go Swimming


I would frickin LOVE to have a pool at my house and since I have ALL this space where my kid’s bedroom used to be – why can’t I build one now?

2. Get Liquored Up


I’m just saying – if they don’t want their room, I am more than happy to drink in it, in my new super-cool bar. Back off, kids.

3. Sort Your Shoes Out


I wish I had lots of shoes like in this pic but I don’t. What I DO have is a desire to have all my clothes, make up and jewellery in one room that has a lock on the door. I think my kids will be very happy for me when their room gets transformed into Mammy’s Giant Wardrobe, won’t they?

4. Get Ripped


There are three ways I can get behind having a home gym: 1. that is has a very pleasing-to-the-eye fitness trainer in place, 2. that the tv is hooked up to Netflix and 3. that I have an area to stretch out (i.e lie down and snooze) in.

5. Beautify Yo’self


Make like a celebrity and have a beauty zone at your house. Obviously you will need to win the Lotto to be able to afford to bring a hairdresser and make up artist in every week but there is NOTHING wrong with having a daydream!

Who’s with me?

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