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23rd Mar 2018

This €17 Penneys maxi dress is both comfortable and stylish

Cathy Donohue

As much as we like fashion and its various trends, comfort is absolutely key too.

Busy mamas just don’t have time for faffing over outfits first thing in the morning and when you do get some time out for a much-needed holiday, you just want to chill out and be comfortable.

Enter this €17 Penneys maxi dress which is seriously stylish but more importantly, it’s easy to wear and throw on first thing when the kids are mad to get to the pool.

Although summer might seem like months away, the reality is that it’s almost April and it will be holiday time before we know where we are.

Those pearl sliders look very similar to the style that launched last year and we will just have to snap them up (having missed out the last time around).

Adding a denim jacket to this and your favourite beach bag will ensure you’re warm-weather ready in seconds.

You can check out the dress below and what we love most about it is the fact that it’s comfortable which is always a plus when it comes to trend-driven fashion.

This piece is worth looking out for next time you’re in your local Penneys…